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about me

My name is Lavender Baj and I am a freelance digital content creator based in Melbourne, Australia.

I primarily produce lifestyle and entertainment content such as features, interviews, reviews and news. I specialise in sustainability content, but I am also able to deliver expert fashion and beauty content. My content has been published for a number of well-known publications such as Fashion Journal, CLIQUE Mag, Hysteria Mag and The Trendspotter.

In addition to journalism and blogging services, I am also available for other general writing or content production work such as press releases, social media management and strategy, and copywriting.

For business inquiries, please contact me at bajlavender0@gmail.com


I have produced content for a number of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment publications including Fashion Journal, CLIQUE Magazine, Hysteria Magazine and The Trend Spotter.




For more work samples, including press releases and social media work, please contact me at bajlavender0@gmail.com

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